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"Welcome to the Nerd Lab."

The Crew:


Gogo wouldn't be who she is today without her best, and obviously nerdiest, of friends. She may have a rough exterior, but deep down, she loves all of them from the bottom of the heart. For some, that feeling may be more buried than for others, but keep digging. They'll find it. It's there.

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:bulletpurple: Gogo has a criminal background, and in fact, keeps in touch with a few of her fellow gang members. Not because she misses the life, however. Far from it. Knowing that many of them have landed in prison is a harsh reminder of consequences, where she could be today if her Uncle hadn't encouraged her to pursue a higher calling at SFIT.

:bulletyellow: During her time in the racing circuits, the mechanical engineering student learned how to hotwire cars. Which, she happens to be darn good at.

:bulletpurple: The tomboy is no stranger to injury. She has broken more than a few bones, given herself a concussion in a freak motorcycle accident, accidentally tore her hamstrings once when she had been too eager to get out onto the track. And those are only the tip of the iceberg. She wears these injuries like a badge of honor, often bragging of them and never impressed with one's minor paper cut.

:bulletyellow: Despite her tough, hardened attitude, Gogo actually has some feelings for a certain mascot of the Institute. But, unlike most girls, she doesn't express this through silent fangirling or hopeless mooning. If she so desired, she would have no problem with making her shadowed feelings known.

:bulletpurple: True to the stereotype, she absolutely loves kimchi. It is by far her favorite meal, followed only by a generous slice of cold steak and bubblegum. (Yes, she considers bubblegum a meal in its own.)

:bulletyellow: Gogo hits the snooze on her alarm at least twice before forcing herself out of bed. Because one, there is no better place than in bed after a long night. And two, most of her nights are long ones.

:bulletpurple:Pushed into extracurricular activities that she had little interest in as a child, Gogo has a firm grasp of the art of violin. Not that she would ever give a performance. If ever found out, she would adamantly deny her own abilities.

:bulletyellow: Sex Pistols, Ramones and The Clash are at the top of Gogo's playlist, among other famed punk rock bands of old. However, if one scrolled further down, one or two K-pop songs might surface. What can she say? It's something of a guilty pleasure, one of the few elements of her native culture that she doesn't absolutely reject.

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Ethel Tomago
United States
"To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? You see that yellow blur? That’s me! That too. There I am again! My name is Gogo Tomago, and I am the fastest woman alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary mechanical engineering major at San Fransokyo Institute of Technolgy. But secretly with my friends, I fight crime and defend my city from those who'd do it harm. The truth is, I didn't set out on this path. But like a friend once told me, life doesn't always go the way you plan."
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Character Development Profile:


Given her passion for all things fast, the nickname Gogo has caught on among her peers. She doesn't mind. For once, that nitwit fanboy actually came through.


Loyalty is everything to Gogo. Should need be, she will not hesitate to defend her friends, or her city. Beyond that, she has been spurned far too many times to ever pick a side without serious consideration first.


The mechanical engineer is 19 years of age.


Her whole life Gogo has been running, looking for escape in one form or another. For a time, it was drag racing, using the winnings to afford tuition at SFIT. At another point, she would have deemed motocross to be the answer. Ultimately, nothing beats the classics. It's the bicycle that this college student favors above all others.


Velocity. The textbook defines velocity as the rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed. And that was all Gogo had ever longed for, an ends to a mean. For the longest time she had been racing, fleeing, from a life she didn't recognize as her own. An impossibility, really, her top speeds could never be fast enough. But when her best friend was killed, caught up in a fiery explosion, his brother made her the impossible. A battlesuit, equipping the very zero resistance, mag-lev technology that she had invented as little more than a class project. She used this gift to avenge his death, and later, to defend her city from threats that would bring it to its knees.

"Woman up."

Tough as nails doesn't come close to describing this straightforward athlete. Living for speed and thrill, Go Go is willing to take up any challenge, any time, which is helped by her resourcefulness and adaptive nature. However, because of her fierce attitude, she may not be the most approachable person to be around, often making up for her lack of conversation with bluntness and sarcasm. At most, she can be highly opinionated, having little patience for those who move at a more leisurely or frivolous pace.

Despite her stinginess, despite her defiance to authority, beyond her rough facade, is perhaps the largest amounts of compassion and uncompromising values. Complete with a strong code of honor, Go Go would do anything to protect and defend her friends from the face of danger.

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    San Fransokyo.  Some say that it's the city of future.  Others, rightly so, cynically believe that said progress is nothing more than the byproduct of recovery following the historically devastating earthquake of 1906.  That whatever developments the great city has seen are largely due to the brightest minds of San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, one of the nation's shinning stars of education.  The great thing about this debate, is that both parties would be right.  The city by the bay has indeed seen a miracle recovery over the past century, beckoned in a new one in such a way many are unprepared for.  Including, the city's own safety codes.
    Que fire engines.  
"This is the part where I’m supposed to do the intro thingy-My name is Gogo Tomago, I am the fastest woman alive-But you know that already.  Lets get to the good stuff!"
    Thick plumes of smoke billow out of shattered windows.  Flames lick a creaky rooftop that is only begging to cave in on itself.  And the former residents of this once happy apartment complex?  What can they do but mix with the ever growing crowd out on the sidewalk, a good distance away from the burning building, and face grim reality as they watch with horror in their eyes?  With horns blaring, a pair of brightly painted fire trucks pull up close to the danger zone.  And with a stark determination, fighters of the flame unload from all sides, ambush the out of control fire.  Perhaps if they had arrived but moments sooner, the building could have been spared.  But they hadn't.  And it was too late.
    "Alright, you see that smoke?  That’s a fire on Broadway and Stockton, in downtown San Fransokyo."
Not all citizens of this fine city were having such a rough afternoon.  Actually, many weren't.  Winter it may be, weather here is always pleasant.  Perfect for a family outing, a picnic, maybe, to one of the many parks San Fransokyo prided itself in.  The cherry blossoms weren't quite out in full bloom yet, but it wouldn't be long now before the hiking trails were swarming with those eager to catch a whiff of the beautiful flower.  Gogo thanked her lucky stars it wasn't that time of year, yet.  Otherwise this would be a whole lot harder.
    A yellow blur jets out of one of those very parks, hops onto a road packed with cars and zips between traffic like they were driving at the speed of running molasses.  The blur sails past a news stand, ruffles the pages of today's San Fransokyo Tribune, but hardly slows down to read page one.  It was about to make page one.  Gogo, was about to make page one.  "And that blur?  That's me on my way to it."    
    There were plenty of statistics printed out on the HUD of her visor, things like wind speed and weather conditions to keep in mind as she hurtles through space.  But it was a map of the city that Gogo was concerned with.  On it, she was a yellow blip, racing towards a blinking red one that obviously represented the fire that had broken out.  There was a fast way to the site, and a slow way.  And she wasn't about to take the slow way.  Cracking a grin, the mechanical engineer turned super hero keeps her head low and shoulders back, throwing her arms out with every stride to maximize speed.  "I’m going one hundred and fifty two miles per hour, and it’s a slow day."

    She hadn't been fast enough to save her friend.  She hadn't been quick enough to pull him from a burning building.  But now?  Now, she was fast enough.  And she didn't intend on standing idly by while the people of her city needed her help.  Skating down Broadway, her stride quickens and her wheels slice through the asphalt like butter.  Was she anxious?  Perhaps.  But she was mostly concerned that with every passing second, someone's life might be taken by the flame.  That because she was taking her precious time, someone else's might be cut short.
     Pivoting her shoulders to steady her balance, Gogo drifts between a pair of oversize load trucks before breaking off and charging onward.  She was close now, narrowing the distance between her and catastrophe.  She begins to catch wind of a thick odor, begins to catch glimpse of wispy smoke spewing across rooftops.  And before she offshoots by six blocks, the tomboy throws herself into a spin.  Digs her heels into the earth until she slips into a nearly jarring halt just behind one of the fire engine.
     Though the air was in fact polluted with ash, the hero breaths in a breath of fresh air, shoulders rising and falling at a tempo matched by her calming heart rate.  Left unchecked, fire was a force of nature, a beast of epic proportions.  It could have easily brought down not only this one brick and mortar building, but this entire block, before she had arrived.  But it wasn't too late.  She wasn't too late.  Confidence returns to her hardened features as jogs past a few frantic fire fighters, hides whatever lingering doubt she had behind a mask of determination as she singles out the captain-the man in charge of this whole operation.  Vigilante she was not.  Nor did she have any desire to get personal with the chief of staff at San Fran's police department.  But when it came to situations like this, she had learned it best to work with the local and sanctioned officers rather than against them.  Especially in lower scale instances like this.  "Captain?"
A tap on the shoulder, the graying mustached man did not need.  His eyes bulge at the sight of this armored hero, his tongue goes slack. "Y-You!  You're one of those heroes everyone is talking about on the news!"</i>  His crew might have been impressed at the power she held over him, how her mere presence instilled a certain disbelief in the man.  If, of course, they weren't too busy fighting to save what they could of this homestead.  Gogo was to have none of it.  She wasn't impressed at the least that he could recognize her from the fuzzy images some photographer had snapped.  It wasn't entirely helpful, and she makes a point of telling him so.  Hand on the hip, the tomboy gives him a sort of glare that read as "Yeah, okay.  It's me, I'm here, deal with it.  Can we move on?"  They needed to get back on track.
    And the Captain knew this better than anyone.  He gives her a firm nod of the head, shakes his thoughts back to where they should be.  "
Right, well, I imagine you're here to help?"</i>  The armored hero had half a mind to scoff his question off, give him a good eye rolling.  But that wouldn't speed up this process anymore than his dumb questions.  So, she simply counters with one of her own.  "Did everyone make it out okay?"  Possessions could be replaced.  People, loved ones, could not.  
    She never gets an answer out of the man.  But, perhaps, she didn't need to.  The desperate crying of an elderly woman, the struggle she makes in the arms of a weary police officer just off to the side of the action, is all the answer she needs.  "My baby!  M-My baby is still in there!"/i>  
The corners of her lips turn down and her brows furrow with sympathy.  The woman wasn't going to get in there and escape with her kid in tow.  Not alive anyway.  But Gogo?  Gogo could.  She gives the Captain a fierce and final glance, a faintly reassuring smile, before bolting.  "I've got it."

    It didn't take long to shoot through a collapsing doorway, or to fight her way up a few melting stairways.  But to find a child inside this multi-story wreckage?  Not impossible, but certainly not easy.  She would have to check every room, every apartment, on every floor.  And even then, there was no guarantee that she would find her target.  She had to be strategic about this.  Like Hiro once put it, she would have to use her brain to think through this.  
    Pausing at the end of a burning hallway, the walls and doors about her seemingly melting away to reveal the blazing innards of this establishment, Gogo's lavender pools dart about nervously.  She begins to breaths heavy, as smoke infiltrates helmet's defenses. (Side note, ask Hiro to install a few smoke filters when you get out of this.)  It wasn't much, but a thought occurs to her.  No one is going to silently be whisked away to their deaths...right?  They'd put up a fight.  They'd cry, they'd scream, they'd lash out against the inevitable.  Maybe she was wrong, but it was as much as she had to work with.  If she gave it a moment...maybe, just maybe, she might pick up on the voice of a panicked little girl or boy.  
    So she freezes in her place.  Allows this inferno to carry on without action.  She had hoped for...well, hope.  But instead, she is gifted with the hauntingly shrill creaking of floorboards.  She feels ash pour down over her shoulders.  And with a quick glance to the ceiling above, she knew that she was in trouble.  With a gasp, the hero shields her head with the mag-lev disc strapped to her wrist.  Sprints out of the way as insulation and wood and other debris caves in upon her.  This wasn't going to work.  She couldn't wait around for someone to call out for help.  So with a cough, Gogo doesn't stop.  She keeps moving, kicking through a half eaten door and skating into what used to be someone's living room.  With a cupped hand to the glass of her visor, she calls out to anyone who was still conscious enough to respond back.  "H-Hello?  Is anyone here?"  Nobody answers.  "It's okay, I..."  Cough.  "I'm here to rescue you."
    The moments tick on, and with each one she grows all the more terrified.  She wheels about the space, throwing open closet doors, revealing tight spaces, dodging falling debris.  But there was no one to be found here.  And she was almost out of time.  Gritting her teeth, the tomboy refuses to give up.  If she couldn't find anyone in apartment 21B, perhaps she would have better luck in 21C.  
    And then she hears it.  Not a cry, not a squeal of absolute terror, but a bark, faint, echoing down the stairs from a floor or two above.  So it seemed she wasn't searching for a child at all, but rather...someone's pet?  "Of course it is."  Gogo rolls her eyes, sighs with slight frustration as she leaps into a blur.  

    The clock ticks on, and seconds of standing out on the sidewalk beyond the safety zone turn into minutes.  Brave men endure the heat, battle the flames, ignore ash falling upon their faces.  And for a brief moment, it seemed they were winning this fight.  Only for that moment to end by an earth shattering screech, an heated explosion of epic proportions jettisoning from a third floor window.  The elder woman sobs into the shoulder of the officer she had cursed out for not letting her back in, solemn silence is made for what seemed to be the demise of one of the city's newest heroes.  But Gogo didn't go down so easily.  
    She springs out of the very window that had been charred by the blast, makes a beeline to the concrete below with wheels grasping at what little brick remained of the building's exterior wall.  And in her arms?  An adorable akita pup, his terrified panting earning him a scratch behind the ears as the hero makes contact with the ground and spins into a stop, a good distance away from any falling debris.  "You're safe now, little guy."  It takes a lot to earn anything from Gogo, but she smiles warmly as she returns the dog to safety, as she gently lowers him into the arms of his loving owner.  
    "Oh, thank you!  Thank you!"  The woman attempts to thank the "stranger" as she fights back what was once a few tears, but the "stranger" needed no thanks.  "Just try to keep better track of him, okay?"  She needed no answer in return.  Nor did she need compensation.  She was just relieved that nobody was hurt throughout this whole ordeal.
    Without more she could do to help, no other lives needing to be saved, Gogo retreats from the scene.  Cuts through a nearby cafe and climbs up to the roof so she might keep an eye out for any loose ends to tie up.  "Not bad for a day's work."  She smirks with pride, returning the mag-lev discs to their home on her back.  With a click, the magnets lock them into place and relieve her of carrying them about.  And with a happy sigh, the tomboy takes a seat upon an exposed ledge overlooking the city.  
    This feeling she had inside of her, the adrenaline she sensed, the buzz of excitement in her head, it paled in comparison to what she had actually accomplished.  Speed?  The pursuit of speed?  She had found it.  She was fast enough.  But reuniting loved ones?  That's what this was all about.

[Hey guys!  It's-a-me Elsa!  Or, rather, I guess not anymore?  What a plot twist.  You might be able to tell because of the ludicrously long journal entry.  Well, I wanted to wheelie in with a bang and what better way than with a fire?!  Right?!  Anywho, this is an open-ended RP starter of sorts, just to let you guys know that I'm here, it's me, lets move on.  Shall we?  Good.  On a closing note, this journal was inspired by   
Remember that?  From the credits?  You might be able to tell because of the credits right there in the pink.  Yeah, Scott Watanabe.  Excellent artist, you should check out his work. :D
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  • Eating: A fresh stick of bubble gum

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*While visiting Sanfransokyo, Mickey finds himself in the most unfortunate position of having run out of souvenir money. He'd promised to grab Minnie a little something on his travels, and he'd be heartbroken if he broke a promise to her. He found a sheet on the board of a coffee house for the Sanfransokyo Institute of Technology. It said they needed a willing test subject for their new gadgets. He ripped the ad from the board and hopped the next trolley train to the college campus*
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((I looked at your profile and noticed that Gogo's favorite food other than kimchi is cold steak. Due to her toughness, I bet she enjoys a bowl of nails for breakfast every morning...without any milk. ))

((I have a headacanon about Gogo's grandfather being American and resembling Clint Eastwood just like how Fred's dad looks like and is played by Stan Lee. He's a retired San Fransokyo Police Officer, but he's still pretty badass.))
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[Yep, and tell me what you think of this headcanon. Riley was adopted shortly after birth because her biological parents couldn't take care of her for whatever reason.]

[This video:… explains the theroy in great detail. Personally, I don't want to believe it because the first scene in Inside Out is meant to be her birth. The theroy does make sense, though.]
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[I've heard the theory, and I've never paid it any thought.  It literally makes zero sense.  Obviously we see Riley at the time of her birth.  Why?  Because if a baby was passed around between one mother and another, one emotion or another would have been awake before she was put in the arms of her "adopted" parents.  No.  Joy, emotion number uno, is born in her real mother's arms.  It's that simple.  The theory has zero validity because their very first bit of evidence is completely wrong.]
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[What an astute observation. :P
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[Oh...I dunno.  I guess if Gogo existed as a live action character, and in a crazy 80's action flick universe, then maybe.  But then she'd just as easily fit into the Fast and Furious franchise.  Probably easier.]
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